Viswa Group - Founded in 1991 by Dr. Vis.

Dr. Vis, also known as the “Bunker Guru”, has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters in Internal Combustion Engineering and a Bachelors in Marine Engineering.

Dr. Vis, as a Marine Engineer sailing on ships and during his work at ABS, got to experience firsthand the problems caused by poor quality fuels on ships. This led him to pursue his lifelong vision of Viswa Lab, ensuring and enabling the highest quality energy solutions for the Marine Industry.

Dr. Vis is on the Roster of Experts of International Maritime Organization (IMO). He is a consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration-Federal Govt. of USA) and a member of CIMAC heavy fuels and ASTM D2 Committees.

Dr. Vis’s vision has led to Viswa Group being what it is now. Viswa Group consists of Viswa Lab, Viswa Scrubbers, VEEMS and VTIC.

Viswa Group Team

The Viswa Group Team consists of a dynamic entrepreneurial team of scientists, engineers and support professionals with a long-standing reputation for Technical Excellence in the fields of Fuel Oils, Lubes, Hydraulic oils, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Failure Analysis.

Viswa Lab has created a niche position for itself with a “One Stop Shop” concept of inspection and sampling, chemical testing, mechanical testing, destructive and nondestructive testing to determine the cause of a failure or the prognosis of a machinery related problem.

Viswa Scrubbers was created to meet the needs of our customers to meet the upcoming IMO regulations on 1.1.2020. The Viswa H Scrubber was created by some of the brightest minds in chemical industry. Our unique and flexible design is aligned with our core principle of providing maximum value to our customers. Our H Scrubber is 30% lighter, 30% smaller than other competing technologies.

VEEMS was designed for helping our customers fulfill the IMO regulations for SEEMP and the newer regulations on EU MRV and IMO MRV. VEEMS was created to simplify and organize data to help our customers. Each vessel has several sources for data and all of these have been integrated into one main VEEMS system. This VEEMS system facilitates improved communication between the people on board and those in the office.

VTIC was formed to focus on the general testing and inspection needs.

Our Team consists of 4 PhDs, 15 Masters, 14 Marine Engineers and Bachelor degree holders in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Our dedicated and experienced team are focused on Research and Development, keeping up with the cutting edge of technology, so that we can bring the best possible solutions to our customers with the quickest turnaround time.

Our Labs are ISO 17025 Accredited


Our values define the quality of work. Our hard-earned reputation of the “Problem Solving Lab” has come from

  1. Our ethics and industriousness with which we work to add value to our customers and to the Marine Industry

  2. Our in-depth analysis of the customer’s problems

  3. Our constant pushing of the frontiers of Knowledge

  4. Our research and Integrative methods of finding Solutions to customer problems

  5. Our inhouse Database of several thousand analyses and algorithms to identify “problem fuels”

Empowering you through knowledge

Quality Policy

Viswa Lab Houston and Viswa Lab Singapore are both ISO 17025 accredited. This is the highest level of accreditation that any lab can achieve. Viswa Lab also has its performance audited by U.S. Department of Defense and ASTM through Proficiency Testing Program.

Viswa Lab is one of 3 IMO approved testing labs.

Viswa Lab is committed to maintaining and growing quality standards in testing and ensuring compliance with international standards.

VTIC lab is ISO 17025 certified.


Our Mission

We are a value driven organization which believes in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction through sincerity, commitment, technical excellence and tireless effort. Each of the solutions we offer carries our trademark combination of experience combined with innovation with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We want to be the most Trusted Solution Providers specializing in Energy needs and testing and in Environmental and Emission goals.

We want to be more than a vendor. We want to be a partner in solving problems for our customers.

Viswa Lab Houston
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Center of excellence for The Viswa Group
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