Lube Oil Analysis

The Problem

Lubricants provide a barrier between opposing surfaces and prevent metal wear. They consume 5 to 15% of the energy transmitted to provide this lubrication. Selection of the correct lube oil is key in extending the lube oil life and protecting and enhancing the lubricating properties. Testing services are often provided “at no additional cost” by Lube oil providers with purchase of their lube oils. However, the choice of the best possible lube oil in terms of energy efficiency and asset protection and when to change the lube oil is in the hands of the Lube Oil provider who also does the testing.

The Solution

The choice of the best possible lube oil in terms of energy efficiency and asset protection and when to change the lube oil should be in the hands of an empowered customer. Viswa will work with you as a partner in this decision making. The Viswa Team will help you in

  1. Determining the correct base oil, which will maintain its lubrication properties over a longer time.
  2. Determining the viscosity index of the lubricating oil and the basic viscosity of the oil, which will save energy.
  3. Determining the choice of additives (there are 11), the quantity of the additives to provide the correct amount of protection and when to use the additives.
  4. Analysis of wear particle size, shape and number, a science called Tribology.
  5. Perform lube condition monitoring.
  6. Perform lube and machinery data collection and analysis.
  7. Determining when it is time to change the lube oil.
  8. Quick turnaround time.
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