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When a customer faces a fuel related problem he should be provided with all possible assistance. The customer needs expert advice, needs all additional tests to be carried out to clearly identify the root cause, all this needs to be available in one place and needs the helping hand of the lab expertise to walk through the problem. Viswa Lab has equipped itself with state-of-the art instruments to support the customer in identifying contaminants and quantifying contaminants not only in fuels but also in lubes and cylinder oils. Material Failure Analysis studies by Viswa Lab provide another dimension in diagnosing machinery problems.

Viswa Lab’s all round capabilities are:
  • Fuel Oil and Distillate Fuel Analysis
  • Analysis of all kinds of Lubricating and Hydraulic oils
  • Cylinder Oil Drain Analysis
  • Tribology and Particle Morphology studies
  • Ignition & Combustion studies (Fuel Tech instrument)
  • GCMS Contamination Studies/GCMS Screening
  • FT-IR Contamination Studies/FT-IR Screening
  • Material Failure analysis
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys in major ports
  • Total Fuel Management (TFM)TM
  • Total Lube Management (TLM)TM
  • Peace of Mind Package POMPTM
  • Engine Friendliness Number EFNTM
  • Purifier Efficiency Determination (PED)TM
  • Filter Blocking Tendency Number (FBTN)TM
  • Problem Fuel Identification Number (PFIN)TM
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys, Sludge Survey and ROB Surveys
  • Bunker Purchase Efficiency and Management
  • Purchase of fuel accounting for Quality - True Worth Benefit
  • Corrosion Prevention Studies
  • Viswa Scrubbers
  • Viswa Energy Management Services - SEEMP and EEOI
  • Alternate Energy and Alternate Fuels
  • Assist in resolution of Bunker Disputes quantity and quality

Viswa Lab Introduced Total Fuel Management TFMTM in 2001 to reduce specific fuel consumption in marine engines by checking the ignition and combustion characteristics of the fuel and by manipulating the physical parameters of engine performance

Total Lube Management TLMTM is a service Viswa introduced to meet all the customer needsfor complete lube oil management. Viswa will help with Lube oil selection based on energy efficiency (consume 5 to 15 % of energy), asset protection, additive presence, lubricity, condition monitoring, in depth testing of 23 elements, graphical representation of results, trend analysis and simple color based system to quickly assess multiple lube oil reports.

Peace of Mind Package POMPTM, a way to ensure peace of mind by checking for critical contaminants not included in the ISO 8217 tests.

Engine Friendliness Number EFNTM is a benchmark of the fuel quality.

Purifier Efficiency Determination PEDTM using Level I Spectroscopic method and Level II Particle Count method (patented) with an index, Purifier Efficiency Number PEFN, for purifier performance.

Filter Blocking Tendency Number FBTNTM is a number that indicates the potential of the fuel to cause filter choking

Problem Fuel Indicating Number PFINTM is a number based on an algorithm, which alerts the customer if the fuel has the potential to cause problems specifically cause piston ring breakage. Viswa Lab will work with the customer to provide solutions for such problem fuels.

True Worth Index TWITM is a benchmark of the "worth of the fuel". Ignition and Combustion properties are part of this copyrighted number.

Purifier Efficiency Number PEFNTM is a number that indicates the efficiency of purifier operation

Enlightened customers, customers with expectations of higher levels of technical expertise, customers who believe in getting the best out of the machinery through better monitoring prefer Viswa Lab.

To conclude, Viswa Lab’s method of working is from inside out. It starts with the question, "Why are we doing this?" and further goes on to "What are we doing?" and then to "How are we doing it?". The dimension of Why is unique to Viswa Lab. It is Viswa Lab’s grand ambition to help every fuel user to handle every type of fuel. This explains the purpose driven passion that it puts into its service

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