Purifier Efficiency Determination

The Problem

Bunker fuel can contain up to 60 ppm catfines as per ISO 8217 requirements. However, engine makers restrict the catfine content to 15 ppm or less. The Purifier is the single most important on board equipment to result in this reduction.

Purifiers are fitted on every ship. Purifier efficiency is often cited as 90% or higher. However, in real life the efficiency can range between 20% to 60%. Fuels have particles in the critical size range (6 to 14 microns). These particles can lodge between rubbing surfaces and get embedded causing expensive equipment damage. If the purifier efficiency is unknown, there is a high risk of admitting fuels with catfines into the main engine and risk high damage.

The Solution
  1. Viswa Lab has two efficiency indices to help determine the purifier function. Viswa lab has patented a method to measure and count particles in thick black residual fuel oil
  2. Purifier Efficiency Determination PEDTM measures the reduction in water, sediment and particles when the fuel passes through the purifier. This is determined by testing both before and after purifier samples. Correct sampling is also necessary in determining the purifier efficiency.
  3. Purifier Efficiency Number PEFNTM is a simple benchmark of purifier efficiency and comparison of before and after sample testing will help determine if there is optimal efficiency of the purifier.
  4. Advanced purifier efficiency testing at Viswa Lab involves spectroscopic analysis of elements, particle quantification and particle type assessment.
  5. The Viswa Team can work with the customer to comprehensively evaluate purifier function and offer solutions for optimizing purifier function customized to the type of fuel being used by modifying different variables.
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