Why is Cylinder Lube Oil Testing Important?

Main engine systems, combustion chambers, onboard machinery, and other equipment are often exposed to corrosive acids. The cylinder lube oils that help neutralize these acids and protect the systems from catastrophic damage are also exposed to these corrosive acids.

Cylinder lube oils are one of the most expensive consumables onboard. The quality of the cylinder lube oil drain is vital to determine the efficacy of the ignition and combustion processes and the condition of the rubbing surfaces inside the combustion chamber.

This makes routine cylinder lube oil drain testing and analysis crucial since it can help optimize the feed rate up to 50% and create annual savings of up to $84,000 per ship.

The Value of Cylinder Lube Oil Testing

At The Viswa Group, we focus on optimizing machine efficiency and reliability. By performing routine cylinder drain oil analysis, we can diagnose problems with ignition and combustion, adequacy of cylinder lubrication, and the liner piston ring rubbing wear. Our diagnostic analysis and the technical advice helps our customers take timely action and prevent serious outcomes.

When we perform cylinder drain oil analysis,
we help our customers get a clear picture of:

  • Contamination caused by fuel oil and water.
  • Cold corrosion and seawater contamination.
  • Any leakage of system oil into the piston rod stuffing box.
  • Blowby caused by worn out piston rings.
  • The root cause behind abnormal wear and failure.
  • Any wear caused by catfines.

Industries We Serve

Having a huge database of problem cases and root cause analysis failures, we provide unparalleled cylinder lube oil testing capabilities for the Marine and Petrochemical Industries.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

At The Viswa Group, we carry out thorough, advanced analysis in an efficient manner. Our customers are guaranteed to benefit from:

  • A targeted analysis of the problem from all possible perspectives.
  • Quality testing from experienced staff and an IMO-approved lab that is a member of both CIMAC Fuel Oil Committee and CIMAC Lube Oil Committee.
  • Global network in 7 countries and unsurpassed track record, serving over 9,000 ships worldwide.

Breakdown of our Cylinder Lube Oil Testing Capabilities

At The Viswa Group, our goal has always been to give our customers peace of mind and the highest level of satisfaction. We provide our marine and petrochemical clients the following range of tests to protect their expensive systems and ensure optimal performance.

Standard Tests:

  • ASTM D445 | Viscosity
  • ASTM D7946 | Initial pH
  • ASTM D664 | Total Acid Number
  • ASTM D974 | Total Base Number
  • ASTM D93 | Flash Point
  • ASTM D6304 | Water Content
  • ASTM D5185 | ICP Elemental Analysis

Advanced Analysis:

Analytical Ferrography

Blotter Tests

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