Why is Grease Testing Important?

Bearing failures is one of the repeated challenges that industries continue to face. Grease alone caters to the lubrication requirements for approximately 80-90% of the bearings. It plays a crucial part in the course of predictive maintenance, on the load conditions of the machinery system, and in paving the way for accelerated wear conditions.

Grease analysis is a complex task that involves two challenges. The first challenge lies in identifying the correct sample that is representative of the actual condition of both the grease and the bearing. The second challenge gets a little tricky because it requires analysis of different data collected from different parts of the system where the grease is in service.

By performing a grease analysis, we help our customers improve the reliability, performance, safety, and therefore the profitability of their assets and equipment.

The Value of Grease Testing

At The Viswa Group, we understand the impact machinery wear and failure can have on an organization’s bottom line.

Our team of tribological experts take a robust approach
during the entire course of grease analysis to help our customers realise:

  • Critical wear in machinery.
  • Fitness of a specific type of grease for definitive applications or machinery.
  • Wear resistance caused by grease under extreme conditions.
  • Root cause behind abnormal wear and failure.
  • Contamination, wear, and degradation near the load zone of the bearing.

Industries We Serve

Having an extensive track record optimizing asset life, safety, and performance, we are well-positioned to perform advanced grease sampling and analysis for the Marine Industry, Petrochemical Industry, and Emission Compliance Solutions.

Emissions Compliance Solutions

Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

As experts in the field of testing, we have helped over 750 clients and 9,000 ships across industries achieve beyond what they thought was possible. At The Viswa Group, our customers are guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Optimized re-greasing levels, reduced failure risks, and extended asset life.
  • The combined expertise of our team of 14 trained marine engineers, scientists, and support professionals with 4 Phds, and 20 Masters in Chemical Engineering.
  • Independent, better, and early diagnostics at our IMO-approved labs.
  • Our global network of labs and offices in Belgium, Houston, Louisiana, Singapore, Shanghai, UAE, and UK.

Breakdown of our Grease Testing Capabilities

Our team of tribological experts examine the suspended machinery, grease sample, and other solid contaminants first-hand to collect evidence of any contamination, wear, and degradation. We then perform standard grease tests and performance tests to get to the root cause behind the wear and failure, providing our customers with custom recommendations to help them get back to their operations without disruptions.

Standard Tests:

  • ASTM D566 | Dropping Point of Grease
  • ASTM D1403 | Quarter and Half Cone Penetration of Grease
  • ASTM D1404 | Deleterious Particles in Lubricating Grease
  • ASTM D1742 | Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease from Storage
  • ASTM D1831 | Roll Stability of Lubricating Grease
  • ASTM D2595 | Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Greases
  • ASTM D4048 | Copper Corrosion from Lubricating Greases
  • ASTM D7342 | Water Stability Test
  • ASTM D942 | Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases
  • ASTM D1264 | Water Washout Characteristics of Lubricating Grease
  • ASTM D4693 | Low-Temperature Torque of Grease Lubricated Bearings
  • US Steel DM43 | Grease Mobility

Performance Tests

Four Ball Lubricity & EP


Analytical Ferrography

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