Why is Bunker Fuel Module Important?

Globally, over 300 million metric tons of fuel are supplied to the marine industry every year. A poor-quality fuel supply can lead to severe machinery damage, loss of charter, voyage delays, and loss of “Peace of Mind” of all the parties involved. Getting the most up to date information on fuel quality is an invaluable tool that can help the fuel buyer make the right purchase decision.

The Value of Bunker
Fuel Module

Fuel quality varies greatly by port, supplier, and grades. The Viswa Group’s real-time bunker fuel data enables data-driven bunkering and hassle-free analysis, helping customers make the right fuel purchase and avoid fuel-related problems.

Industries We Serve

With 30 years of experience, The Viswa Group has developed the bunker fuel module to assist our customers in the the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group has designed an application to help our customers analyze, compare, and view test data based on ports, suppliers, dates, fuel types/grades, and sulfur. The Viswa Group’s Bunker Fuel Module provides visibility into important information regarding:

  • Fuel suitability between suppliers depending on need.
  • Catfine content variation in fuel between ports.
  • Recent encounters with problem fuels at a specific port or supplier (if any).
  • The frequency of samples falling short of regulatory standards.

Breakdown of our Bunker Fuel Module Capabilities

The Viswa Group designed the Bunker Fuel Module application to help our customers make data-driven decisions when purchasing fuels.

Our application enables customers to:

  • View information from the past year for any port/supplier/ category combination.
  • Save their favorite port for later reference and add it to a list with various variations.
  • Download data from the past year for any port/supplier/ category combination.
  • Compare N number of port/supplier/ category and view the results side by side.
  • Download details PDF of your compared port/supplier/ category combinations.

For more information on Viswa Bunker Fuel Module, http://vbfm.theviswagroup.com/