Why is Oil and Gas
Consultancy Important?

In today’s volatile economy, businesses need to have future-proof, dynamic strategies in place to remain competitive and successful. There are new regulatory requirements introduced every day in the marine industry, requiring everyone from ship owners to policy makers to either transition to cleaner fuels, assets, or processes in a short time or leverage digital technologies. As a result, companies are tackling complex challenges, daily.

The Viswa Group’s oil and gas consultancy service helps clients navigate and manage this complexity. We provide innovative solutions to ensure their assets and processes remain compliant despite changing regulations, and equip all stakeholders with powerful insights to help them make the right decisions that guarantee business longevity.

The Value of
Oil and Gas Consultancy

Navigating complex regulations requires decades of deep industry knowledge, technical expertise and a targeted approach. Many times, stakeholders do not have the right equipment or knowledge to carry out extensive research and investigations to tackle such complex challenges across their supply chain.

Through our oil and gas consultancy, we
help customers:

  • Achieve their targets from conception and planning to
    operations and management.
  • Navigate uncertainty and complex challenges with ease.
  • Improve performance of assets and operations.
  • Enhance productivity and safety.
  • Make sound decisions that promise business continuity.

Industries We Serve

With more than 50 specialists (and growing) around the world, we have the expertise to provide the best business solutions, professional advice, in-depth support and high-quality customer service, whatever the needs. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients in the Marine Industry to help them achieve sustainable transformation and drive their business forward.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group has extensive industry and technical expertise. Our team comprises highly experienced experts, including 14 trained marine engineers, scientists, and support professionals with 4 Phds and 20 Masters in Chemical Engineering.

    We offer our clients:

  • Strategic expert advice backed by decades of extensive research and millions of data and algorithms.
  • Unbiased, independent, and accurate testing and inspections and informed recommendations.
  • Safe, reliable, and efficient digital technologies.
  • 24/7 support to assist with any problems or questions on fuels, lubes, machinery problems, regulations, and more.
  • Access to our global network of technical experts, labs, and offices in Houston, Singapore, UAE, Antwerp, New Orleans, and China.

Breakdown of our Oil and Gas Consultancy Capabilities

Viswa Oil and Gas Consultancy is a world-class maritime services company providing an extensive range of business solutions, advice, and support for clients of all kinds engaged with maritime related projects.

We deliver a comprehensive range of services worldwide including, but not limited to:

  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • Certification of Cargo and Blended Products
  • Additives Testing
  • Pre-Vetting Inspection

For more information contact us at [email protected]