Why are Failure Analysis Studies Important?

Recurrent equipment problems or failure often result in unplanned downtime and incurred costs. The most common failing devices are engine components, bearings, exhaust valves, piston rings, liners, etc. These systems fail due to defective design, metals, imperfections during metallurgical operations (such as casting, forging, welding, etc.) or during heat treatment operations, overloading of equipment, among other reasons.

In most cases, ship staff do not have the necessary equipment on hand or knowledge to carry out proper diagnosis of the problem and get the systems back up and running in time to minimize downtime. The Viswa Group’s detailed metallurgical analysis enables the ship operator to educate ship staff regarding defective operation and file a claim against the insurance agency and equipment manufacturer, helping save time and money.

The Value of Failure Analysis Studies

The Viswa Group’s independent consultants will perform thorough investigation of the damage and failure at hand. Once the problem is identified, we conduct further analytical studies to get to the root cause of the failure.

The Viswa Group’s detailed failure analysis
enables customers to:

  • Realise the root cause behind equipment damage and failure.
  • Return the equipment to full operational state as soon as
  • Prevent recurrence of system problems.
  • Minimize downtime and save further time and money.

Industries We Serve

Having an extensive track record, our world-class maritime experts provide an extensive range of solutions, advice, and support for all kinds of machinery component failure across the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group’s expertise in the Marine Industry is unrivalled, with 30 years of experience in investigating and problem-solving machinery component failures. Choosing The Viswa Group means:

  • Independent, unbiased, and detailed analysis of machinery components.
  • Timely, cost-effective, and expert assistance to urgent needs, anytime.
  • Access to our global network of highly skilled consultants based in the United States, Singapore, UK, UAE, Belgium, and China.

Breakdown of our Failure Analysis Capabilities

At The Viswa Group, our expert consultants carry out failure analysis studies in five phases to get a comprehensive picture of the equipment or component’s condition.

The five phases of our investigation process are:

  • Failure Hypothesis Development
  • Failure Hypothesis Development
  • Operational Factors Analysis
  • Maintenance Factors Analysis
  • Conclusion

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