Why is Desulfurization Important?

Sulfur Oxides (SOx) emitted by ships pose a severe threat to human health and the environment. To minimize ships' environmental impact, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) significantly reduced the global limits on the sulfur dioxide in the fuel oils. This new regulation went into effect January 2020, reducing the maximum sulfur content outside special "Emission Control Areas" to 0.5%. The maximum sulfur content in designated "Emission Control Areas" such as the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is already at 0.1%. Ships navigating through these areas must either use fuels that meet the regulated sulfur limit or install desulfurization systems.

The new regulation presents many challenges to the ship owners because it leaves them with only 3 options. They can either use low sulfur fuel, switch to alternate fuel such as LNG, or install desulfurization systems such as exhaust cleaning technologies. Low sulfur fuel is significantly expensive compared to high sulfur fuel. The initial investment for alternative fuels is also extremely high, leaving desulfurization technologies as the only viable and cost-effective option.

The Value of Desulfurization Technology

Stakeholders from ship owners and cargo owners to policy makers and everyone in between need to transition to using low sulfur fuels or installing desulfurization systems in a short amount of time. With the cost of low sulfur fuels being extremely high, the key to meeting these new regulations is installing desulfurization technologies.

These cost-effective and compliant technologies
enable stakeholders to:

  • Minimize the amount of sulphurous fuel gases into the
  • Improve human health and environmental safety.
  • Meet IMO’s global sulfur emissions regulations.
  • Avoid problems caused by unpredictable low sulfur fuel

Industries We Serve

With 30 years of expertise, The Viswa Group is able to address the marine industries’ needs with sustainable, compliant, and cost-effective desulfurization solutions.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

As a renowned problem-solver in all aspects of the Marine Industry, R&D is always at the heart of our business at The Viswa Group.

  • The Viswa Group has designed, fabricated, installed, and commissioned exhaust gas scrubbers on all types of ships including container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, chemical carriers and more.
  • Since our inception in 1991, we continue to be at the forefront of solving all maritime fuel and lube related problems through our extensive R&D efforts.
  • We are working with major industry players including engine makers and suppliers to develop R&D solutions that focus on desulfurization of heavy fuels.
  • Our independent scientists have access to extensive research, algorithms, and millions of data that allow them to explore all possibilities when innovating sustainable desulfurization technologies.

Breakdown of our Technological Capabilities

Based in Singapore, The Viswa R&D Centre is a modern and forward thinking company innovating solutions to help the Marine Industry meet emission regulations.

We deliver a comprehensive range of R&D products including,
but not limited to:

  • Fuel Quality Benchmarking against their DNA
  • Recycling Hydrocarbons and Used Lubricants
  • Smart Blending – Constituents and the Processes
  • Innovative Scrubber Design
  • BlockChain Application in Cargo
  • Bunker Survey and Testing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • AI & ML Based Energy Management
  • Operational and Predictive Maintenance

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