Why are P&I Surveys Important?

In today's world of strict maritime regulations, a shipowner must maintain compliance and offer protection to seafarers. The marine P&I surveyor (or local correspondent) performs inspections onboard to identify a ship's seaworthiness and make recommendations based on findings to make shipping safer and more efficient. A routine P&I survey also ensures peace of mind and promotes a culture of trust and safety on board.

Therefore, P&I surveys have proven to be indispensable to the shipping industry. The Viswa Group's P&I surveys help customers minimize risks, maximize operational efficiency, and improve environmental and safety of those on board.

The Value of P&I Surveys

When transporting cargo, ships can encounter many challenges. If a vessel suffers any damage at sea, whether it be equipment damage, cargo damage or, other minor incidents, it puts the environment and lives of seafarers immediately at risk.

P&I surveys can therefore help:

  • Minimize risk at sea and prevent potential accidents.
  • Protect the lives of seafarers onboard and the ecosystem.
  • Ensure smooth, uninterrupted business operations.
  • Limit downtime and operational disturbance.

Industries We Serve

Our unparalleled knowledge and experience being a "problem-solver" in the Marine Industry means The Viswa Group is uniquely positioned to help improve and guarantee a vessel's efficiency and safety.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group's team comprises highly experienced and dedicated P&I certified surveyors who can provide assistance and undertake all kinds of P&I surveys at short notice.

    Our customers are guaranteed:

  • Thorough inspection and unbiased recommendations.
  • Tailored and sustainable solutions to each and every problem.
  • Access to our global network of experts anywhere, anytime.
  • Full compliance with IMO regulations.

Breakdown of our P&I Survey Capabilities

With 30 years of unrivaled experience and world-class independent surveyors, The Viswa Group has the required knowledge and expertise to undertake the investigation of a wide range of potential casualties and make recommendations to improve the safety onboard.

The scope of our P&I surveys include:

  • Pre Attachment and All Types of Condition Surveys
  • Loading and Outturn
  • Cargo Damage
  • Hull and Machinery
  • FFOs
  • Pollution
  • Stowaways
  • Crew Injury
  • Casualty Damage, Investigation, Costs and Negotiation
  • Wreck Removal and Scrap Proceeds
  • Provision of Security, Port Entry
  • Project Cargo
  • Cargo Theft and Fraud
  • Container and Equipment Damage
  • On/Off Hire Surveys, Bunker Surveys, Draft Surveys
  • Bunker Dispute/Shortages

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