Why is Project Management Important?

Industry 4.0 technologies, sustainability issues and health and economic crisis were some of the key drivers of change in the Marine Industry. The IMO’s ambitious targets put all stakeholders under more pressure. Now, stakeholders have to consider and implement sustainable fuel alternatives or digital technologies faster while simultaneously dealing with operational and fuel-related issues.

As the Marine Industry prepares for the next normal, companies need technical assurance and training to address specific organizational needs across the entire value chain. The Viswa Group’s project management services cover a wide scope of functions, from conception and planning to operations and management. We help our clients achieve their targets, exceed expectations across every touchpoint, and go beyond compliance.

The Value of Project Management

Successful project management skills are crucial to maintain compliance and safe operations. It requires deep industry knowledge and experience, as well as technical capabilities that some companies currently do not possess.

Our specialised project management services
helps customers:

  • Ensure safe and reliable operations.
  • Boost productivity and performance.
  • Mitigate risks and prepare for emergencies.
  • Discover root causes of equipment damage and failures.
  • Execute sustainable ways of working to maintain compliance.
  • Build a business that will stand the test of time.

Industries We Serve

Since 1991, The Viswa Group has been working closely with clients in the Marine Industry, providing expert guidance, practical solutions, and assurance. We are uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective solutions and strategic project plans with timelines and objectives to make any project a success.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The fundamentals of managing a project from start to finish requires a team of individuals with different talents and skills. Finding a partner with the knowledge, expertise and personnel to carry out and complete a project makes the difference between the project's success or failure.

    What we provide:

  • Global network of highly skilled experts with deep industry knowledge and expertise, including 14 trained marine engineers, scientists, and support professionals with 4 Phds and 20 Masters in Chemical Engineering.
  • Strategically located labs and offices worldwide in Houston, Singapore, UAE, Antwerp, New Orleans, and China.
  • A complete evaluation of problems, including additional investigation beyond what is recommended by the ISO, if necessary.
  • Independent benchmarks of fuel - Engine Friendliness Number (EFN), True Worth Index (TWI), Problem Fuel Indicating Number (PFIN), Purifier Efficiency Number (PEFN), Filter Blocking Tendency Number (FBTN).
  • Timely and accurate results, unbiased recommendations, and practical, cost-effective solutions.

Breakdown of our Project Management Capabilities

VISWA Maritime Consultancy is a world-class maritime services company and consultancy with 30 years of industry expertise. We provide an extensive range of business solutions, advice, and support for clients of all kinds engaged with maritime related projects.

We have successfully carried out a number of projects including:

  • Testing and Recommending Biofuels for Use in Marine Diesel Engine
  • Identifying the Best Additive for Improvements in Fuel Performance such as Stability Improvers, Lubricity Improvers, Cold Flow Improvers, etc
  • Blending Projects for Different Types of Fuels
  • Machinery Failure Analysis Project with Class Societies