Why is R&D Consultancy Important?

We live in a technologically driven world where new innovations are constantly being introduced to the market. R&D (Research and Development) and innovations explore how innovative solutions can solve business challenges, meet market requirements, and unlock opportunities.

The Viswa Group’s R&D projects tackle critical business problems clients face in all aspects of the marine industry and leverage innovative solutions to solve each and every problem. We work with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge solutions and help clients deploy sustainable and innovative technology across their operations, pushing their businesses forward.

The Value of R&D Consultancy

With increasing regulations, the Marine Industry can highly benefit from digital innovations to optimize assets and processes and exceed regulatory requirements.

Our dedicated R&D projects and sustainable
innovations help customers:

  • Ensure safe and sustainable desulfurization and
    decarbonization of ship emissions.
  • Enhance ship safety, human health, and environmental safety.
  • Optimize costs, operational efficiency, and extended asset life.
  • Minimize risk and operational downtime.

Industries We Serve

The Viswa Group has been supplying R&D projects since its inception in 1991. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of scientists have conducted extensive research, built algorithms, and collected millions of data over the decade to help our clients in the Marine Industry explore all possibilities and make the right decisions.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group has been at the forefront of solving all marine fuel and lube related problems through its extensive R&D efforts.

    We help our customers in various ways:

  • By ensuring all assets and processes exceed regulatory requirements.
  • By helping them gain unique insights and discover the root cause behind their challenges.
  • By solving each and every problem they face by applying the deep expertise of our highly experienced marine consultants and providing innovative solutions.
  • By providing independent, reliable, and unbiased expert advice and recommendations

Breakdown of our R&D Consultancy Capabilities

The Viswa Group has been guiding world-class companies with expert-backed insights and innovations for 30 years.

Our comprehensive range of R&D products include, but are
not limited to:

  • Fuel Quality Benchmarking against their DNA
  • Recycling Hydrocarbons and Used Lubricants
  • Smart Blending – Constituents and the Processes
  • Innovative Scrubber Design
  • BlockChain Application in Cargo
  • Bunker Survey and Testing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • AI & ML Based Energy Management
  • Operational and Predictive Maintenance

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