Why is Futures
Platform Important?

Thousands of ships carrying tons of cargo are travelling from one country to the other every day, at any given time. In today’s age of digitalization, the route to efficiency for an industry with as large of a global presence as the marine industry rests on digital solutions and services.

Stakeholders in the marine industry - from shipowners to policy makers- need to harness the power of sustainable innovations to maintain compliance, optimize safety and operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. To meet the needs of our clients, The Viswa Group provides innovative services and solutions to help clients revamp their business into a market leader.

The Value of
Futures Platform

To remain a market leader in the future, shipowner and industry players need to prioritize and deploy emerging digital innovations and solutions. The Viswa Group’s futures platform showcases unique products and technologies for the marine industry. We only display products that meet Viswa’s stringent requirements for quality and value.

Our curated products enable customers to:

  • Achieve greater operational efficiency and safety.
  • Reap substantial financial benefits.
  • Reduce costs and save time.
  • Easily maintain compliance.
  • Optimize assets and extend machinery life.

Industries We Serve

The Viswa Group has a strong presence in the marine industry. With a close relationship with the major players in the marine industry including owners, managers, charterers, engine makers, Class societies and more, The Viswa Group is uniquely placed to provide expert technical options to the maritime marketplace.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group (VG), established in 1991, operates in the niche area of Energy Efficiency, Emission Control and Testing, Inspection & Certification Services for the Marine Industry.

    Our customers benefit from:

  • Intuitive digital services and solutions that undergo stringent quality control and exceed requirements.
  • Access to our team of dedicated experts, state-of-the-art investigative instruments, and extensive research.
  • Detailed and targeted analysis along with cost-effective and practical solutions to any problem.
  • Access to our strategically located labs and offices worldwide, anytime.

Breakdown of our Digital Solutions & Services

The Viswa Group works closely with major industry players to develop cutting-edge digital solutions to solve specific business challenges and enable sustainable transformation for our clients in the marine industry.

Our range of products include, but are not limited to:

  • Exhaust Gas Scrubbers
  • Decarbonization Technology
  • Desulfurization Technology
  • V-LOGe Books
  • Energy Efficiency Management Systems (VEEMS)
  • IHM Inventory Software
  • Bunker Fuel Module