Why are Bunker
Quantity Surveys Important

Bunker fuels often have the largest impact on vessel operational cost. The operational cost of bunkers, especially with distillate, HFO & VLSFO remains a significant component of operational costs. There are numerous cases of malpractices such as bunker fuel shortage, bad quality, incorrect density, erroneous trim/list calculations, defective gauging tapes, faulty flowmeters, flawed strapping tables, magic pipes, and temperature manipulation.

The Viswa Group’s bunker quantity surveys prevent shipowners from falling into these tricks and traps set by suppliers. Our independent surveyors monitor the entire bunkering operation process and ensure that the total ordered fuel quantity is supplied.

The Value of
Bunker Quantity Surveys

A surveyors’ responsibilities go beyond just measurements or calibration. They need to be the eyes and ears of bunker buyers at the site of custody transfer. They also need to monitor and read the mass flowmeter accurately while taking into account complex tank profiles and changing trim and list conditions. Ship crew normally are not trained as quantity surveyors and therefore, may not be able to handle the flow meter technology or detect malpractices or tricks played by professional cargo officers or suppliers.

Participating in Bunker Quantity Surveys help customers:

  • Ensure the vessel receives the same quantity of bunker as
  • Guarantee a true sample is collected throughout the whole
    period of bunker transfer.
  • Accurately measure and calculate the quantity onboard and
    supplying barge.
  • Maintain accurate inventory of fuel onboard and correct
    inventory, if needed.

Industries We Serve

The Viswa Group’s surveyors are well-trained experts with 30 years of industry experience and knowledge. Our surveyors go above and beyond what is expected and perform specialized services for our clients in the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group’s highly skilled bunker survey experts carry out thorough inspection and even record quantities that may be in overflow tanks, bilge tanks, and any other hidden tanks.

    We provide our valued customers:

  • Comprehensive inspection and specialized testing in addition to conventional bunker survey.
  • Detailed bunker survey and fuel reports.
  • Advice and bespoke training to better equip ship crew to detect malpractices.
  • 24/7 technical support and access to any of our labs and offices worldwide, anytime.

Breakdown of our Bunker Quantity Survey Capabilities

Bunker surveys are usually categorized into three types such as standard, detective, and continuous surveys. The Viswa Group offers all kinds of bunker quantity surveys as per international industry standards and regulations.

Our scope of bunker quantity surveys include, but are not limited to:

  • Correctional Surveys
  • Remaining Onboard (ROB) Surveys
  • Sludge Survey
  • Bunker Pre-Delivering Sample Surveys