Why Is Total Fuel Management Important?

Marine Bunker Fuels are residual fuels. They are leftovers from crude oil that went through fractional distillation and secondary refining processes such as thermal cracking, vis breaking, cat cracking, hydro treating, etc. Even though these residual marine fuels have calorific values, usually within 5% of good distillate fuels, the poor ignition and combustion properties lead to a significant reduction in power generation.

Investing in a Total Fuel Management program can help mitigate the effects of poor ignition and combustion properties, resulting in substantial savings.

The Value of Total Fuel Management:

Almost all marine bunker fuels mostly consist of heavy residues with a small composition of lighter fractions. The presence of minimal lighter fractions and heavy residues cause delayed ignition and prolonged combustion in the diesel engine cylinders, limiting maximum thermal energy efficiency.

A comprehensive Total Fuel Management package helps extract maximum thermal energy from the fuel and convert it into useful work. The Viswa Group’s Total Fuel Management package consists of detailed analysis to help improve onboard machinery performance.

Our clients contracted under this program are
guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Optimized thermal energy efficiency and engine performance.
  • Increase in fuel economy. The shipping companies contracted
    under this program have reaped a 2 -4% increase in fuel economy.

Industries We Serve

With unrivaled technical expertise and knowledge of fuels and diesel engine functions, The Viswa Group’s TFM team is well-equipped to assist clients in the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group introduced the Total Fuel Management program in 2001. With hands-on marine machinery experience of over 30 years, our team will guide the entire TFM effort.

    The TFM team will:

  • Test the fuel and advise vessel engineers on best practices and how to use fuel onboard efficiently.
  • Assist in procuring the best quality fuel based on its enormous fuel quality database.
  • Perform very detailed analysis to gain complete knowledge of the fuel that enters the engine and obtain current engine performance data.
  • Communicate with the vessel engineers to carry out small but significant changes in controls.
  • Identify and provide solutions to other performance shortcomings such as high back pressure, decreased turbocharger efficiency and suggest remedies to the vessel's engineers.

Breakdown of our Total Fuel Management Capabilities

Since the Total Fuel Management program's introduction, prestigious customers have enrolled more and more vessels in this program after realizing substantial savings.

Under this program, our customers will benefit from the following tests and services:

  • Fuel Oil Analysis as per ISO 8217
  • Peace of Mind Package
  • Ignition and Combustion Studies using the FIA/FCA Instrument
  • Detailed Advisory services, including Fuel Purchase Recommendations.