Dr. Vis


Viswa Group was founded in 1991 by Dr. Vis, who has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters in Internal Combustion Engineering, and a Bachelors in Marine Engineering, and is also known as the “Bunker Guru.”

Dr. Vis, as a Marine Engineer sailing on ships and during his work at ABS, got to experience firsthand the problems caused by poor quality fuels on ships. This led him to pursue his lifelong vision of Viswa Lab, ensuring and enabling the highest energy solutions for the Marine Industry.

The Viswa Group is a member of the CIMAC committee, and is well-known in the industry by the reputation of being a solution provider. The Viswa Group is considered by many to be a “One Stop Shop.” Our goal is to consistently help our customers with their problems and help solve these problems.

We have a dedicated, dynamic, and entrepreneurial team of scientists, engineers, and support professionals with a long-standing reputation of technical excellence in the fields of Fuel Oils, Distillates, Lubes, Cylinder Lubes, Grease Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Emission Optimization, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Failure Analysis.

About Viswa

Our Mission

Is to consistently help our customers and solve each and every one of their problems. We will never give up on finding the highest quality solutions that are agile, flexible, and versatile.

Our Vision

Is to be a trusted solutions provider spurring innovation through expertise and collective wisdom. We seek to find the most optimal outcome by doing the right thing, the right way always.

Our Approach

At Viswa, we work with our clients through the entire process – analyzing, diagnosing, and finding optimal outcomes – and use our expertise of 29 years to help businesses become future-ready, now.

Our Services Provide Value to our Clients in Various Areas:

  • With reliable TIC services and fast turnaround time.
  • By saving energy and minimizing risks.
  • By improving operational efficiency.
  • By improving communication between people across the entire chain.
  • By reducing carbon footprint.
  • By strengthening competitive edge and allowing access into global markets.

The values that shape our culture

Persistence & Resilience

We strive for unsurpassed excellence in all of our actions. We are a value driven organization focused on driving growth and finding the optimal solution for our clients.

What sets us apart

Dedication to Research and Development

We continuously invest in cutting-edge technologies, developing new algorithms, and integrated efforts that facilitate improved communication and exceed the objectives of our clients.

What sets us apart

In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise

We are experts in not only understanding the problem, and determining the prognosis, but also simplifying data and applying our understanding in a way that provides maximum value to our customers in the long-term.

What sets us apart

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

We leave no stone unturned, and no questions unanswered. We explore every problem with precision, starting with an in-depth analysis and a thorough diagnosis of the problem to draw accurate conclusion and propose expert and innovative solutions.

What sets us apart

In-House Database Management

Our carefully honed methodology and algorithms set us apart from other companies and have contributed to our continued success in identifying “problem fuels” and best possible solutions over the past 30 years.