Why are ISM Audits Important?

Due to the number of accidents at sea, The International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced the International Safety Management Code (ISM) to ensure safe operations, prevent human injury, and prevent environmental damage. The ISM code requires shipping companies to carry out internal and external audits for each vessel they are managing.

Carrying out internal and external audits verify that ships and shore organizations follow the responsibilities and objectives detailed in the Safety Management System. It also enables shipping companies to identify improvement areas, measure performance, and implement policies that conform to the ISM code.

The Value of ISM Audits

As per the ISM code, shipping companies need to have procedures for SMS or ISM audits. Internal SMS or ISM audits are considered more important than external audits since they measure system effectiveness, and companies stand to gain or lose more if the system fails.

The Viswa Group’s SMS or ISM audits enable
shipping companies to:

  • Verify and maintain system effectiveness.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Identify possible risks and improvements.
  • Improve safety for personnel onboard.
  • Minimize pollution and environmental damage.

Industries We Serve

The ISM Code requires shipping companies to hire independent auditors for conducting SMS or ISM audits to ensure unbiased inspection. With 30 years of experience as an independent lab with an extensive track record, The Viswa Group carries out unbiased internal and external audits for the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group is a well-reputed, independent company offering ISM audits worldwide for world-class companies. By choosing The Viswa Group, our customers can rest assured that:

  • Audits will be undertaken by highly experienced and certified ISM Lead Auditors.
  • Our auditors/audit team will prepare the audit plan and settle the audit date, in agreement with the company.
  • The types of operated ships and the Flag State Administration will be taken into account by our audit team when conducting internal and external audits of the Company’s Safety Management System.

Breakdown of our ISM Audits Capabilities

At The Viswa Group, our highly experienced and certified ISM Lead Auditors can undertake all kinds of ISM audits, anywhere, anytime, at short notice.

The scope of our audit services include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety Management System Compliance
  • Environmental Protection Policy
  • Company Responsibility and Authority
  • Designated Persons Qualifications
  • Master’s Responsibility and Authority
  • Resources and Personnel
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Shipboard Operations
  • Gap Analysis
  • Nonconformities, Accidents, and Hazardous Occurrence Analysis
  • Company Review, Evaluation, and Verification
  • Control of Documents
  • ISPS and SSP Audits
  • Additional Audits