Why are V-LOGe
Books Important?

Ships are required to keep a logbook detailing information about vessel condition, maintenance, damages, wear and tear, and other machinery parameters. There are normally various types of logbooks that need to be maintained such as engine logbook, deck logbook, and daily logbook. These documents are extremely important as they give a clear picture of the condition and situation in case of accidents. These documents are given high importance by insurance companies when ship owners make claims.

The Viswa Group provides a paperless solution, V-LOGe Books, to assist seafarers in their duties. Our electronic logbook helps seafarers and onboard staff gain real-time insight and maintain consistent records across shore and ship offices, avoid data duplicity and repetition hassles, and save time.

The Value of V-LOGe Books

Since multiple logbooks need to be maintained, manual entries can sometimes result in discrepancies such as incorrect data, duplicate entries, etc., between ship and shore records. Moreover, it decreases the productivity of onboard staff.

Benefits of our V-LOGe Books include:

  • Digital replicas between ship and shore to ensure transparency
    and accountability and help onboard staff save time.
  • User-friendly UI that leads to quick adaptation by vessel staff.
  • Data can be mined and analysed as needed.
  • Data traceability for any records entered/ edited.
  • Data stored in Cloud, no need for system/ hardware set-up on
    client’s site.
  • Data readily available for auditors, PSC inspectors etc.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to operational data.

Industries We Serve

Since 1991, The Viswa Group has provided innovative digital solutions and software to help our clients improve efficiency and build a business that stands the test of time. Our dedicated R&D efforts coupled with our extensive industry expertise makes us uniquely positioned to provide any and all kinds of assistance to our valued customers in the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group is committed to helping our customers leverage digital solutions so they can address complex challenges with ease, improve productivity onboard, and unlock the full potential of their assets.

    We offer:

  • 24/7 assistance by our committed support team to any and all kinds of problems at short notice.
  • Agile softwares development approach towards quick customization to suit client needs.
  • Access to our dedicated team of subject matter experts - marine engineers, naval architects, IT solutions, fuel quality experts, etc.
  • Access to our dedicated R&D team and global offices, anytime.

Breakdown of V-LOGe Books’ Capabilities

We developed V-LOGe Books to help our clients maintain consistency and accuracy, improve productivity, and avoid potential errors.

The scope of our digital solution includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deck Logbook
  • Engine Logbook
  • Oil Record Book – Part I
  • Maintenance Record Keeping
  • Scrubber Logbook
  • LNG Plant Logbook