The Importance of VEEMS

In the wake of new IMO regulations, the marine industry is left with 3 choices to ensure safe and reliable operations: switch to alternate fuels such as LNG, use compliant fuels, or leverage digital technologies. Since the cost of low sulfur fuels and the initial investment of alternate fuels are too high, the marine industry can benefit greatly from digital technologies.

That is why we developed VEEMS. Viswa Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS) is a data-driven augmentation tool equipped with features such as live data monitoring, hull condition monitoring, engine condition monitoring, alarm and monitoring system, IMO DCS and EU MRV, EEXI Implementation and Fleet Performance KPI. This innovative software helps customers identify gaps and pain points, address inefficiencies, and make real-time, fuel-saving decisions.

The Value of VEEMS

The Viswa Group has always placed innovation at the heart of our business, so our clients in the Marine Industry can address complex challenges with ease, maintain compliance, and unlock the full potential of assets.

Our cutting-edge VEEMS software enables:

  • Compliance with IMO requirements including SEEMP of MEPC
    62, EU MRV, and IMO MEPC.1 Circ 684, EEOI.
  • Seamless collaboration between ship operations and shore
    management offices.
  • Complete flexibility and customization to match the energy
    monitoring needs of every ship in the fleet.
  • Maximum energy efficiency and improved decision making.
  • Better business reputation and increased earnings in a charter
    pool arrangement.
  • Live insight through high frequency data and reduced human

Industries We Serve

The Viswa Group has been a trusted partner in the Marine Industry for over 30 years, serving over 750 clients and 9000 ships worldwide. We are committed to solving each and every problem faced by our clients and helping them leverage digital innovations across their entire value chain.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group has been working with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to help clients drive their business forward.

    Our clients benefit from:

  • 24/7 technical support and access to a global network of highly skilled professionals.
  • Extensive research, algorithms, and millions of data collected over decades.
  • Strategically located labs and offices in Houston, Singapore, UAE, Antwerp, USA, and China.
  • Deep industry expertise and unique insights on assets, operations, and regulations.
  • Independent and thorough investigations, timely and accurate results, unbiased recommendations, and practical solutions.

Breakdown of VEEMS’ Capabilities

Our VEEMS software was developed to help ship operators and shore management offices get an instantaneous overview of the entire fleet, including fuel use, performance, and emissions.

Our software provides insights including, but not limited to:

  • Operational Efficiency – Hull fouling, Main and Auxiliary Engine condition, EEOI, Emissions.
  • Machinery Parameters and Identify any Deviations in Running Parameters.
  • Deployment of Artificial Intelligence Solutions Approach.
  • EEXI Re-Calculation to Satisfy Upcoming IMO Regulation in 2023.
  • Hull Fouling Leading to Excess Fuel Consumption as much as 40% Excess Consumption.
  • Geo-Fencing to Help Ship and Automated Alerts to Notify Shore Teams.
  • Main Engine Deviations from Testbed Reports as Small as 6.5 g/kWh.
  • Simplified Data Aggregation towards EU MRV and IMO DCS Regulations.