Why is Fuel Oil Testing Important?

Testing bunker fuels is a necessity and not a luxury. Every well-run shipping company should test fuels routinely. While fuel related machinery problems are caused by a small percentage of all the fuels supplied, the importance of regular fuel testing should not be underestimated.

Fuel Testing is not only about fuel related problems, machinery damage, or stoppage. It concerns something much more serious, the safety of lives on board. Today, fuel supplied to the marine industry is residual fuel that is leftover after secondary refining processes. The problem is that ships are left to use a residual fuel that has been continuously deteriorating in quality.

Even distillate fuels have shown an increasing number of problems. Some of these consist of filter plugging due to bacterial contamination, high cloud point/cold filter plugging point, fuel pump problems from low lubricity, and acidic wear related to contaminants.

The Value of Fuel Oil Testing:

Participation in a fuel testing program is elementary proof that the ship operators are following the industry's best practices advocated by many groups. Due to the wide variation in the cutter stock for the VLSFOs and the development of new fuel blends including distillates, it is essential to do the ISO 8217 testing for all fuels. The quality of the fuel can be evaluated by the testing program and with the help of this and additional testing, fuel efficiency and savings can be achieved.

The Viswa Group’s Fuel Oil Analysis consists of a
series of tests carried out by the ISO 8217 approved
standards to help:

  • Determine the quality of the marine fuel supplied.
  • Determine the characteristics of the fuel as per ISO 8217
  • Reduce specific fuel consumption in marine engines, improve engine
    performance, and reduce on board problems.
  • Protect ship operators and the lives of those on board by
    alerting them about fuel-related troubles and vetting the fuel
    quality for operational and insurance purposes.

Industries We Serve

The Viswa Group introduced the Total Fuel Management in 2001 to provide a comprehensive service for our customers, meet the challenges of new fuels entering the market, and protect the marine community from machinery damage. Our experience and expertise in comprehensive analysis and data analytics gives us a holistic view in assessing problems and providing solutions for the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

Our 30 years of knowledge and expertise is behind our Fuel Oil Testing solutions. As a “Problem Solving” lab, we test, report, and provide solutions for such problem fuels. We are even known as “The One Stop Shop” because we provide our customers:

  • A complete evaluation of the problems with solutions to each of the problems encountered in one place.
  • Further testing beyond what is recommended by the ISO standards based on the initial findings or any problems faced by the vessel.
  • Independent benchmarks of fuel - Engine Friendliness Number (EFN), True Worth Index (TWI), Problem Fuel Indicating Number (PFIN), Purifier Efficiency Number (PEFN), Filter Blocking Tendency Number (FBTN).
  • Access to state-of-the-art instruments to identify contaminants and quantifying contaminants not only in fuels but also in lubes and cylinder oils.

Breakdown of our Fuel Oil Testing Capabilities

When we test fuel quality, we look beyond the condition of the machinery. We look at the story that it reflects. We start with the question, "Why are we doing this?" and further go on to "What are we doing?" and then to "How are we doing it?” When a customer faces any kind of energy related problem, we provide all possible assistance, expert advice, and carry out all additional tests to clearly identify the root cause and solve specific problems.

Critical Tests Carried Out by The Viswa Group:

  • Fuel Oil and Distillate Fuel Analysis
  • Bunker Fuel Module, A Software for Fuel Analytics in Different Ports
  • Tribology and Particle Morphology Studies
  • Ignition & Combustion Studies (Fuel Tech Instrument)
  • GCMS Contamination Studies/GCMS Screening
  • FT-IR Contamination Studies/FT-IR Screening
  • Material Failure Analysis
  • Total Fuel Management (TFM)TM
  • Engine Friendliness Number (EFN)TM
  • Filter Blocking Tendency Number (FBTN)TM
  • Problem Fuel Identification Number (PFIN)TM
  • Purchase of Fuel Accounting for Quality - True Worth Benefit
  • Viswa Energy Management Services - SEEMP and EEOI
  • Alternate Energy and Alternate Fuels
  • Assist in Resolution of Bunker Disputes Quantity and Quality

Total Fuel Management Offerings

Peace of Mind Package POMPTM
Purifier Efficiency Determination (PED)TM

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