Why is New Lube Benchmarking Important?

Lube oils are contracted based on the lowest price with little to no importance on its performance. This performance factor can yield savings that are distinctively larger than the initial cost savings. Thus, benchmarking the same grade of oil against two different brands can help identify the difference in performance and achieve maximum value for money.

The Value of New Lube Oil Benchmarking

At The Viswa Group, apart from analyzing the regular physical and chemical parameters of the oil such as viscosity, etc., we analyze advanced performance parameters across system oils for the main and auxiliary engine and cylinder lube oil. These performance results are then converted to monetary terms using our proprietary algorithm, the True Lubrication Worth (TLW) Index.

Through our lube oil benchmarking study, we help customers:

  • Get a clear picture of the overall oil condition and performance.
  • Achieve maximum tangible and intangible savings for their money.
  • Take timely actions and prevent serious equipment damage and failure.

Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

At The Viswa Group, we adopt a problem-solving mindset and place a strong focus on R&D.

    Our customers are guaranteed to benefit from:

  • Analysis of all aspects of lubricants from base oils to finished formulations.
  • Advanced performance tests measuring parameters such as energy efficiency, oxidation stability, volatility, ability to realise entrained air, and ability to separate entrained water.
  • Significant savings. In one such instance, The Viswa Group helped carry out a benchmarking study for a company that was using two brands of lube oils. The results of this study signified that one of the brands performed better than the other. This resulted in an overall savings of $2M in tangible and intangible savings for the fleet of 57 vessels!