Why is Used Lube Oil Analysis Important?

A typical lube oil consists of base oil mixed with additives to enhance the overall performance. The main function of these lube oils is to reduce the friction & heat generated between moving mechanical components. Therefore, these lube oils need to be tested at regular intervals to reduce wear and prevent the machine component from failing at the early stages of its life period.

The Value of Used Lube Oil Analysis

The Viswa Group benchmarks lube oils using the Lube Oil Quality Index (LOQI). The Lube Oil Quality Index (LOQI) assesses various parameters of lube oil. Each parameter is assigned a score based on its deviation from the reference baseline (fresh oil) characteristics. The Lube Oil Quality Index (LOQI) then gives a cumulative score that reflects the current overall condition of the in-service oil.

Apart from revealing the current oil condition, used lube
oil analysis unveils other vital information such as:

  • The health of the of the machinery and its components.
  • Contamination of foreign substances.
  • Overall oil condition and performance.
  • Presence of any internal leakage.
  • The severity of the wear.

Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group is more than a lab. We are a partner in problem-solving. Besides analyzing and providing results, we also interpret and offer suggestions and solutions to problems.

    Our clients are guaranteed to benefit from the following:

  • Assessment of more parameters than other labs. This helps in a deeper understanding of the problem and helps give a more accurate solution.
  • Getting their lube oils benchmarked by The Viswa Groups’ proprietary algorithm.