Why is Water Testing Important?

The Marine Industry requires routine water testing for multiple purposes.

The Marine Labour Convention requires that seafarers have access to clean potable water for drinking, cooking, and other purposes. In recent years, IMO regulations have become stricter, requiring that the water on board vessels are free of harmful marine organisms and contaminants and do not cause any damage when discharged to the sea.

Viswa offers various water testing services and assessment of onboard machinery to ensure that treatments meet statutory approval criteria and protect the ship staff, marine community, and the environment.

The Value of Water Testing

Water testing is mostly driven by statutory requirements to protect the environment and public health. At The Viswa Group, we understand the stress our customers endure to meet and keep up with complex regulations.

Our water testing services guarantee that:

  • Ship staff and community are protected from illness, infections, and any
    serious harm.
  • The highest quality standards and statutory requirements are met.
  • Water on board is free of harmful marine organisms and contaminants
    such as oil, gas, etc.
  • Discharged wastewater and ballast water do not cause any damage to
    the environment and the marine community.

Industries We Serve

At The Viswa Group, we assist our clients with a wide scope of water testing ranging from drinking water and ballast water to different types of wastewater. As an independent lab with over 30 years of experience, we provide water testing services for the Marine Industry.


Benefits of Choosing The Viswa Group

The Viswa Group carries an enviable reputation for analytical excellence for petroleum products in the labs. This expertise has been extended to cover various water testing to comply with the statutory requirements. With a global network of IMO-approved labs and experienced staff, we ensure:

  • Our bespoke testing complies with APHA and EPA standards.
  • If there are any problems, The Viswa Group will diagnose the problem and provide solutions, unlike other labs that only report the results.
  • Our various water testing can be carried out at various locations with a fast turnaround time.

Breakdown of our Water Testing Capabilities

Our team of Microbiological experts perform various routine water testing to ensure compliance and restore confidence when our customers are out at sea.

Our comprehensive tests include:

  • Physical, Chemical, and Microbiological Water Testing
  • Potable Water Testing
  • Ballast Water Testing
  • Bilge Water Testing
  • Different Types of Waste Water (Scrubber Discharge Water, Black Water, and Gray Water)
  • Water Circulating in the Vessel’s Boiler
  • Water Circulating in Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

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